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Government Of Assam Industries & Commerce Assam Petro Chemical Ltd.

Health Safety & Environment Policy

Assam Petro-Chemicals Ltd. (APL) is dedicated to provide a safe and healthy environment for its employees and customers, thereby protecting the public and preserving the company assets & properties as well as the surrounding environment. We in APL, are committed to:

  1. Promote and strive for continuous improvement of good health, safety and environment practices.
  2. Create awareness on health, safety and protection of environment among all levels of employees.
  3. Total elimination of accidents and significant reduction in numbers of personal injuries.
  4. Minimize the impact on the environment through pollution control, reduction of natural resources consumption and emissions and significant reduction recycling of wastes.
  5. Identification and elimination of potential hazards at workplace through the use of an effective safety management system.
  6. Promotion of personal hygiene and community hygiene in order to reduce the necessity for curative treatment and consequent loss of man-days.